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Yamani Academy of Music is a ‘Single Window’ and a complete centre for Music Education, which includes Courses, Assignments & Assessments, Pre-Examination Reviews, Examinations & Certification with Rewards & Recognition. Yamani also encourages students with regular Workshops, Student Concerts, and Competitions 



 The college is a Vision of an ambitious father Late.R. Venkatesan, which became the mission of a dedicated daughter Ahlauyu S V Naiud LTCL, with the support of her husband C. S. Balasubramaniam, son of the renowned music director Late. Shankar (Shankar –Ganesh). It is a dream- come true for all of them.


The Academy was established on 17th July 2004, with 5 students and in the following years has registered nearly 1500 students, and is proud to have trained more than 1000 successful students for the International Board Examinations.


The student community aged 6 to ’60s, comprises of school children, college students, people from the business world and the music industry, IT professional and homemakers. Some of them have chosen music as their full-time career.

True to its motto ‘Good Music, Good Life’ the academy’s mission is to increase the awareness of Western Classical Music in Chennai and throughout India. The incorporation of training in music from pre-school to post-graduation is common worldwide since involvement in music is considered a fundamental component of human culture. It is the goal of the Yamani to emulate this educational zeal throughout India.

Yamani encourages the society to involve them with music in any manner, be it, a student, performer, teacher, listener, composer, critic, researcher, well-wisher or a supporter. The academy encourages music, the Universal Language for all ages.

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Founder Director

Started her music education at the early age of four, under the tutelage of her father (Late) R.Venkatesan. Dr.Randall Giles (American composer, Episcopal Church missionary, and Ethnographer) quoted on Mr.R.Venkatesan as 'True Theorist' as he is a self-taught ardent lover of Western Classical Music who devoted most of his life studying and teaching music. The one best student where he saw was, his own daughter Ahlauyu S V Naiud, because he would not find a full-time live-in student.

With the privilege of having her father as the mentor, AHLAUYU NAIUD achieved heights and shattered the records. She was the youngest to appear and pass with merits in the Grade 4 - Trinity College of Music Examination on Classical Guitar at the early age of nine.

After appearing for various grade examinations, she takes the credit of being the only Indian woman to have completed the LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College of Music London) in Classical Guitar. She secured the highest marks in the same and was awarded the rolling trophy, ‘Lady Papworth’s Lyre’ in the year 1993, which is yet to be rolled to another LTCL Classical Guitarist.

After a brief period of teaching in Singapore, she returned to establish the 3Bs at Adyar, to cater quality music education to international standards here in India.

She is a member of various prestigious music organizations, a few to mention 'Madras Chamber Orchestra', 'Madras Guitar & String Ensemble', 'Madras Philharmonic and Choral Society', 'Handel Manuel Chorus'.

Besides music education, she herself has performed extensively as a soloist, as a part of the ensemble, and also organized various concerts, to inculcate the concert-going practice to her student community. She was the first to initiate the ‘Western Classical Music Festival’ here in Chennai.

As a credit to her passion and dedication towards music education, the University of West London – London College of Music Examinations recognized her as the ‘Representative for Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry’ in 2010. Since then, under her guidance, more than 2500 students from the academy and various other music schools and teachers all over Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have passed out successfully with merits and distinctions.


Her passion for Music Education initiated her to develop an exclusive brand 'MusicaMaths' which will largely benefit music students as well as a promising business model for music teachers and institutions.


Music Education being her forte, she continently and continuously upgrades the standards to offer a blissful music learning experience to all the students.


She strongly believes, “Music is the Solution, For All and To All”.

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