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Guitar Class - One on One Live Online

Learn the Guitar and be a Soloist or a Star in a Band

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Course Details

The Guitar course includes a study on Acoustic Guitar and Classical Guitar. 1. Melodies 2. Chords 3. Chords Strumming Patterns 4. Classical Guitar - Rest Stroke and Free Stroke Techniques (Finger Style Playing) 5. Scales (Nut Position) 6. Scale Study 7. Accompaniment 8. Movable Chords 9. Movable Scales 10. Musescore Software Yamani College of Music and Examinations is a ‘Single Window’ and a complete centre for Music Education, which includes Courses, Assignments & Assessments, Pre-Examination Reviews, Examinations & Certification with Rewards & Recognition. Yamani College of Music and Examinations also encourages students with regular Workshops, Student Concerts and Competitions. Studying with Yamani includes both: Guitar and MusicaMaths. Fee Includes: 1. Course Study (Instrumental & MusicaMaths) 2. Study Material & Work Sheets (Soft Copy) 3. Assignment & Assessment (Soft Copy) 4. Examination Preparation and Revisions 5. Rewards & Recognition 6. Workshops and Student Concerts

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